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  • Local “Vine Ripe” Tomatoes Now Available
  • West Virginia & Virginia Apples
  • Heirloom Baby Kale Blend
  • SpecialJuicy Yellow Stripeys, Cherokee Purples, Heirlooms, and Rounds are all available!

  • Early varieties of locally grown West Virginia and Virginia Apples like Ginger Gold, Galas are starting to arrive! You can now find them available in our catalog!!!!

  • Baby Kale Blend which has both Red and Green Baby Kale (often seen in the salads at Panera Bread & SaladWorks stores across the country). This product is an excellent filler item that can be blended into your existing salads and provide a great deal of nutrition. We all know that iceberg lettuce has little to no nutritional benefits so by creatively using fillers […]