Annie Boyd Local Food Coordinator, Mountaineer Food Bank

June 13, 2024

Local Food Coordinator Annie Boyd

Annie Boyd is the dedicated Local Food Coordinator for Mountaineer Food Bank, a role she has held since the fall of 2021. In her position, Annie is responsible for purchasing local fruits, vegetables, and proteins to support the food bank’s programs. Originally from Northeast Ohio, she relocated to Buckhannon, West Virginia in 2011.

Growing Together: Annie Boyd’s Efforts to Strengthen Local Food Systems

Representative of Montcroft Farms, a local vegetable partner of Mountaineer Food Bank.
Representative of Montcroft Farms, a local vegetable partner of Mountaineer Food Bank.

Annie’s work focuses on strengthening local food systems through strategic partnerships and community engagement. A significant part of her success comes from her collaboration with Crook Brothers, where she has forged strong relationships that enhance both efficiency and trust in procurement processes. The team at Crook Brothers, and specifically, account representative, Adam Bond, have not only supported the food bank’s objectives but also developed a personal friendship with Annie, highlighting the deep connection and mutual respect between the two organizations. Annie values this partnership greatly, appreciating the friendly, hardworking, and honest staff at Crook Brothers. Her commitment to her work and her ability to build meaningful relationships greatly benefit Mountaineer Food Bank and its mission to fight hunger.

Annie Boyd and Mountaineer Food Bank's Chief Information Officer, Kayla Wright.
Annie Boyd and Mountaineer Food Bank’s Chief Information Officer, Kayla Wright.

“The partnership between Mountaineer Food Bank and Crook Brothers has significantly enriched our various programs, ensuring that we can provide fresh, high-quality produce to those in need.” ~ Annie Boyd, Local Food Coordinator, Mountaineer Food Bank

Through our collaboration with Crook Brothers, we have been able to supply an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables to participants in our Food for Health program. This access to nutritious produce has been transformative for many individuals, aiding in weight loss and the management of chronic health conditions. The fresh, local produce sourced from Crook Brothers is a crucial component of our efforts to promote healthy eating habits and improve overall well-being among program participants.

Families participating in our Extra Mile program have also greatly benefited from the produce supplied by Crook Brothers. These families, who often face food insecurity, now have access to fresh, nutritious food that supports their health and well-being. The variety and quality of the produce have been particularly appreciated, making a big difference in their daily lives.

Annie, Chad (MFB CEO), and Patty Espinosa, owner of Green Acres Farm and Greenhouses in Upshur County. She came to Mountaineer Food Bank and taught our staff about planting and gardening. 

Bringing Nourishment to the Neighborhood: Mountaineer Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry Initiative

Our Mobile Pantry program, which brings food directly to underserved areas, has seen a notable improvement in the quality of produce we can distribute, thanks to our partnership with Crook Brothers. The fresh produce we receive is a welcome addition to the non-perishable items typically available, allowing us to offer a more balanced and nutritious selection to those in need. The direct distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables has been met with enthusiasm and gratitude from the communities we serve.

Overall, the relationship with Crook Brothers has been instrumental in enhancing the nutritional value of the food we distribute across all our programs. Their reliable supply of fresh, local produce enables us to support the health and well-being of children, families, and individuals throughout West Virginia, making a profound impact on our community.

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