Our extensive and often unique list of value added fresh products are sourced from premier brands that have earned a reputation for being the safest and freshest in the industry as they are always cut fresh and stored at optimal temperatures so you can expect a long and stable shelf life that provides you with an efficient, time-saving product.


Our guaranteed fresh produce line comes from both regional farms and industry-leading growers from all over the world and offer our customers unique options to fit their specific needs.


As a full line dairy supplier for foodservice & retail we offer you the ability to consolidate your inbound deliveries maximizing your teams efficiency all while using the same brands you know and trust.


Our large variety of regional eggs are always fresh and available in several different pack sizes to meet whatever your needs may be.


No matter where they come from, our team will happily help you attain specialty products that are grown in all corners of the globe. Sourcing these unique items and transporting them from harvest to your doorstep in a fast and fresh way is our speciality.

From Farm to Table

Over the past 30 years our team of experts have developed lasting relationships with growers and farmers that help make us one of the leading distribution companies in the Appalachian and Mid-Atlantic Region. We take pride in our ability to do all the things required between a products harvest and it’s delivery to your door better than our competition.

About Our Produce Alliance Partnership

Today Produce Alliance specializes in providing fresh produce procurement and distribution services to food service clients across North America, the Caribbean and beyond. As a proud PA member with over 50+ other specialty distributors of fresh produce, we combine to be one of the largest procurement organizations in North America. All member distributors are carefully selected using the most rigorous qualification criteria and commits to full compliance with PA’s audited distribution, purchasing, and category management programs designed for client success.