The Crook Brothers Way

Our proven track record over 27 years, servicing six states, have provided us with the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure a high level of service and satisfaction. As one of the leading produce distributors in our region, not only do we continually source premium products grown in all parts of the world, we take pride in our ability to work with local farmers and provide our customers unique product offerings that are grown right in their back yard. These relationships are invaluable and also allow us to relay useful insight to our customers on product availability and market trends. Adopting new industry standards and technologies have allowed us to continually improve our expectations and provide our customers with value and understanding along the way. Our commitment to food-safety has too not gone unnoticed, as leaders from nearly every foodservice industry have chosen us to service their organizations.

Food Safety

Our commitment to food safety and quality assurance governs nearly every decision we make. Customers place enormous trust in us to provide them with high quality produce at the leading market price. Our suppliers frequently must meet specific food safety guidelines and are required to be inspected by an approved third-party auditor. Review of the suppliers’ food safety program, recall program, and employee training program is also conducted to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our partners. Product accountability is ensured by tracking it through all stages of its life cycle and communicating those findings in an accurate and timely manner.

State of the Art Facility

State of the Art distribution center built in 2011 using new industry technologies and equipment help make our facility one of the premier distribution centers in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Six different computer monitored and controlled refrigeration zones ensure the products we offer enjoy longer shelf lives than industry averages and add real value to our customer’s bottom lines. Better working environment for employees.

  • Energy Efficient

    Energy efficient equipment and lighting from vertical dock levelers to automated entry ways ensure a cleaner and safer environment for our staff and guests.

  • Cold Sealed Access Points

    Completely sealed access points that provide a continuous cold chain through unloading and loading procedures.

  • Monitored Refrigeration

    Computer monitored refrigeration to optimally control the ideal storage conditions for each product with notification of any temperature variances.

  • Ideal Environments

    6 different refrigeration zones allow for storing product in ideal environment before its delivered to your door.