Kinsinger Family Farms

With a mission of providing high quality eggs, Kinsinger Family Farms, a small family farm located in the beautiful mountains of southeastern WV, had the dream of producing pasture raised, free range eggs on a larger scale. Abner Kinsinger, his mother and father, one brother, five sisters, and 2 cousins originally grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania and always had a flock of chickens to supply their eggs while also leaving some extra to sell. After relocating to WV, they continued to keep a small flock of chickens to maintain their egg supply, but decided to begin their journey producing eggs for local restaurants, retailers, and health food stores.


After securing the required permit from WVDA, they started selling eggs to neighbors, Tamarack, Summers County Schools, and The Purple Onion in Charleston, WV. Additionally, they partnered with health food stores in and around Blacksburg, VA and decided to make a switch to Non-GMO feeds. More recently they are distributing eggs to Roanoke, VA and various restaurants and retail establishments from Lewisburg to Huntington WV, striving to serve their clients with nothing less than the best.


“Thank you for supporting our mission to provide West Virginia and surrounding regions with high quality eggs because that is our passion!” ~ Abner Kinsinger