Local Grown Summer Series New Roots Farm

August 15, 2023

Located in Beautiful Fayetteville, WV

You know every now and then you find a hidden gem and it changes the status quo, well that is New Roots Community Farm.

New Roots Community Farm is a mission driven organization that operates a production and demonstration farm. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers year round on 3 acres in the field and under high tunnels. Our goal is to operate an efficient farm that utilizes sustainable production practices to grow nutritious produce for our community. Through our farm we operate an apprentice program where aspiring farmers can learn the ropes of running an operation and we host workshops and a farm field day open to farmers and the public to learn more about agricultural production systems in our region.

Why do you do what you do?

To support next generation farmers ability to access, training, land, and markets to build viable farming operations.

Tell us something you love about your business.

Interacting with customers, community members, and farmers on our beautiful farm in the heart of the New River Gorge Region.

Since the inception of your business, HOW has the industry changed?

We are relatively new to the business, but we are seeing more small producers connecting intonew markets; including many that are served by Crook Brothers!

What are a few “challenges” for small / family farms in today’s economy?

There are lots of challenges to farming- increasing land prices, difficulty accessing capital, and markets, and of course being prepared for working alongside mother nature. Despite these challenges we are hopeful that our work in these areas will create new opportunities for thesuccess of next generation farmers.

How long have you had a partnership with Crook / Corey Brothers?

We have been working with Crook Brothers for about 3 years. We provide product to CrookBrothers and we have worked alongside them to increase the amount of local products gettinginto our local school system.

Growing Season

July – October

Focused Grown Products

Peppers (Variety)
Lettuce Mixes

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